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Chat: Chat with Al Harrington - SportsNation - ESPN; ↑ Al Harrington traded for Stephen Jackson. In:, Juli Abgerufen am The Chronicle's John McClain is answering your Texans questions right now in his weekly Texas Sports Nation chat. Please leave your question for the General​. He's a terrific NBA prospect who could end up going in the Top 10 if he plays at this high level all season." -chad-ford.

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Chat: Chat with Al Harrington - SportsNation - ESPN; ↑ Al Harrington traded for Stephen Jackson. In:, Juli Abgerufen am Dieser Artikel befasst sich mit dem Abschnitt SportsNation von "​The Morning Buzz" war die erste von vielen Chat-Sitzungen und fand an jedem. He's a terrific NBA prospect who could end up going in the Top 10 if he plays at this high level all season." -chad-ford.

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Boban Marjanovic teaches the SportsNation crew how to dance - SportsNation - ESPN

Sportsnation Chat Dieser Artikel befasst sich mit dem Abschnitt SportsNation von "​The Morning Buzz" war die erste von vielen Chat-Sitzungen und fand an jedem. Stehen ein paar interessante Sachen drin. Und wenn man sich die Netsl mal so vorstellt, mit LeBron, Lopez. The Chronicle's John McClain is answering your Texans questions right now in his weekly Texas Sports Nation chat. Please leave your question for the General​. In einem Internet Chat, von Sportsnation, antwortete Nick Mason auf die Frage vieler Sportwagen Fans, nebenbei wurde auch welche über Pink. Should I deal Mauer WГјrfelspiel 10000 Ziegler for your boy Sexy Alexi and Kerry Wood? Gofish added to his impressive LeBronWatch campaign and PJ Tucker continued his season-long streak of breaking out rare sneakers, highlighting our rundown Iihf Weltmeisterschaft 2021 the best kicks Sporting Odds the opening round of the NBA playoffs. I give Quiz Spielen God help me a lot of credit for developing Brady.

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Und wenn man sich die Netsl mal so vorstellt, mit LeBron, Lopez, Wall,

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Account Closure. Open Bets. They would have a hard time playing Howard with Amir Johnson for spacing purposes and, as good as Howard looks right now, let's revisit in December when he's got 20 games of wear and tear on a body that has been in the process of breaking down.

Horford was a dramatically better player last season. Lots of debate in Celtic-fan-land about Stevens' strategy last night of letting Wade-Rondo-MCW-Butler launch 3s.

I'm of the mind that it was the right call, especially since they are all much more dangerous on the move with the ball, and it was just bad luck they made , doubling their collective career averages.

Would you have done the same? I think so. The argument against it would be wanting to play a lower-variance strategy as the favorite, but I'm not sure the Celtics were clearly favored last night given their travel schedule.

Given that the Warriors are now out, which team would you say is most likely to go undefeated for the longest?

I haven't looked at the schedule, so I guess I'd just say Cleveland and San Antonio since they're probably the two best undefeated teams.

Why is KeyArena redevelopment still being talked about when a completely privately financed stadium minus tax breaks is on the table?

Hi Kevin, what is your opinion on Hezonja, will he be able to get minutes in Orlando, or should he be traded, and where? If he can't get minutes on an Orlando team that badly needs shooting, I'm not sure it's reasonable to think he would get minutes somewhere else.

Hello Kevin, thanks for your chats, It always feels like you really care. If Kobe, Jordan and Tim Duncan were in the same draft knowing that Jordan "retired" 2 years of his prime who should go 1,2,3?

Thanks again!! I feel that live ball turnovers and blocks kept in play cause a lot of fast breaks and are much more valuable.

Hmm, that's an interesting idea. You can do that using play-by-play so it may not be necessary to separate them in the box score but it's worth considering for all-in-one stats.

Like Walton had Brandon Ingram play some point guard against Houston, and was even defending Harden at points. Is this just similar to the weird KD at shooting guard his rookie year?

Or is he really capable of playing multiple positions? There's not really that much distinction between 2s and 3s in the modern NBA, so whichever position Ingram ends up playing, he's going to defend guys like Harden if he's the team's best wing defender.

But assuming they are not Can't stop to scratch my head. Because they thought they were better than the alternatives at the given time.

Rondo signed before it was ever clear the Bulls were really going to get Wade and Carter-Williams was acquired for a song.

If you were really trying to secretly tank, I don't think you'd put together a team generally projected to be right in the middle of the league.

Now, if you were trying to undermine your coach? That's a different story. But I don't really buy that. Can Jonathon Simmons get enough burn given the Spurs current roster?

Seems like he's the kind of spark plug they need in the playoffs. Are the Blazers just a better version of the Suns cautionary tale?

As in, they were better than they anticipated in their rebuild, signed many people who are mediocre at best, and are doomed to consistent mediocrity?

I think we can overlearn the lesson of the Suns. Until Damian Lillard or CJ McCollum demands a trade because they're upset about playing off the ball, I don't see the comparison.

Do you think the league will ever get rid of individual max salaries like the NFL? Instant parity. No more super teams. I think the league is still concerned about stars, particularly those in small markets, being able to demand outrageous salaries without any individual max.

Why did everyone doubt Valdez? Can the Sounders take the momentum and beat injury-riddled FC Dallas?

I had the thought when Valdez subbed on last night that it would be crazy if this was finally the night he scored. Then again, I think I've had that thought a couple of times in recent games.

The turnaround for this weekend's first leg is going to be rough but given the randomness of two-leg series in soccer and FC Dallas at less than percent, the Sounders certainly have a chance.

Breanna Stewart is doing a good job of publicizing her time in China with some help from you of course. How should a WNBA player balance that offseason time between money and competition level?

Will any player in China this season beat Chiney's FG for 56 points performance in a regulation game? I don't tend to think the competition level is a big deal.

Certainly playing in China doesn't seem to have hurt the stars who have gone there. I think from the team's perspective I'd rather have the couple of months at home in the spring to have players rest and work on their game individually than them playing tougher games in the Euroleague.

For NBA post-season awards, have you even heard of anyone take a player's salary into account? For ex. Would you take salary into account if you had a vote?

One area the Warrirors look like they might need help is at center, specifically with protecting the rim.

Nerlens Noel seems like he would be a perfect fit once healthy as he is plus defender that doesn't require touches. I don't think that would make sense for the Warriors as Noel's cap hold would make it more difficult for them to re-sign Kevin Durant using cap space if he demands the maximum salary possible next summer.

I follow Chris Daniels and the rest of the Sonics movement closely on Twitter, but what's your take on the latest chatter re: NBA expansion and arena plans?

Obviously the private financing of the Chris Hansen group is good news, as it should make a different vote on street vacation possible and solves the issue of the expiration of the existing memorandum of understanding with the city and county next year.

I have no idea what to make of the KeyArena renovation proposals but am skeptical they could be the kind of long-lasting solution necessary to bring an NBA team to Seattle.

As for expansion, I have not heard from anyone that it's a consideration for the league right now. Is there anyone who was drafted that you thought was a sure-thing star who didn't end up panning out?

Derrick Williams for some people but the Mike Beasley thing was so fresh I thought he'd flame out pretty quick. Anthony Bennett too.

From a statistical standpoint, Beasley is the best prospect not to pan out aside from injuries. So I'd say him. Ty Lawson looked like a totally different player yesterday compared to last year?

Is there a chance he takes the starting lineup from Collison once he comes back from suspension? What are some realistic projections for him?

He was bad enough last season that even the projected regression to the mean wasn't enough to give him a rotation-caliber projection. But he has looked good so far.

I think him solving the hole behind Collison is still more likely than him becoming a starter, but you never know.

I always go to the Miami home games. That's how I service them all. I'm constantly communicating with them.

Let's use the one that the Philadelphia media threw at me, which I mention in my book. They start off by saying what have you done for Terrell since he signed with you, other than get him kicked off the Eagles?

That's a joke. The more contemporary question is who is your favorite client? I would say it does bother me, because I know it's not accurate.

My public reputation is very misleading in that if people really got to know me, they would see that I'm a family first guy who's all about doing good things for my clients.

I'm interested in making a positive contribution to the NFL. I'm in this business to be a good guy, not a bad guy.

People were very positive towards me when I rescued a little boy from drowning in Orlando, but forget those things and remember the very controversial topics I'm associated with.

If you work for the Eagles, yes. What's your position with the Eagles? Although I can't think of any players with the name Neal.

But you can pick up my book "Next Question" which does have some good negotiating tips for the everyday business person. I'd reccommend that. Well, it's a requirement now a days to have a college degree and a postgraduate degree to represent NFL players.

If someone is interested in NFL players, I would go to law school. I think law school is the best preparation. In terms of practical learning, I would recommend interning at a law firm that deals with representation of athletes, entertainers.

Are athletes really worth the contracts that you negotiate for? Don't you think that money is ruining the game, in that players would rather make more money than compete?

I think the athletes are worth the money that they receive. When Gonzaga and other unbeaten college basketball teams will lose.

Gonzaga Bulldogs. Lamar Jackson's titanic hurdle: Capturing that elusive playoff win for the Ravens. How Ron Rivera's cancer battle, return of Alex Smith galvanized the Washington Football Team.

NHL Rank: Predicting this season's top players. Which game records could fall in the shortened NHL season? Anaheim Ducks. Alabama receiver Smith wins Heisman Trophy.

From expected to surprising to new: Top 17 Heisman candidates for Ole Miss Rebels. Ariel Helwani's Nose Awards: Which fighters, bouts shined brightest in ?

Real or not: Ryan Garcia-Gervonta Davis next? How about Teofimo Lopez and Devin Haney? A: Someone stole second base. Exchange tickets IU related or not!

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Sportsnation Chat I've thought the Cavs could use him since Lebron came back and believed he could challenge for rotation minutes with the Clippers. The Warriors are learning how to be mortal. Last year's luxury Esports Live Ticker line is this year's salary floor. I go to 2 NFL Beast Hunter, usually, every week. I think replacing Bogut with KD while adding scoring drastically makes them a worse defending team and more likely to get teams attack the rim against them. Rosenhaus represents at least one player on 29 of Online Casino Erfahrungsberichte teams in the NFL and over players. Skat Ramsch Regeln more. This offer must be taken on new customers' first deposit. It's hard work on skill development and and good coaching. How did Josh Allen make us all look so dumb? The team that you're in the relationship with your coaches, the success you've had, it Real Games That You Can Play be about the money. How about Teofimo Lopez and Devin Haney?
Sportsnation Chat
Sportsnation Chat Visit SportsNation to get sports trivia, take polls, participate in chats and more on ESPN. Welcome to SportsNation! On Thursday, ESPN NBA Insider Chad Ford will drop by to talk some hoops. Ford covers the NBA and NBA Draft for ESPN Insider and also makes appearances on ESPN Radio and. Welcome to SportsNation! On Friday, NBA Insider Kevin Pelton stops by to chat about the latest news from the hardcourt. Pelton is a co-author of the Pro Basketball Prospectus series and a former. SportsNation We'll be bringing you all the info you need, leading up to the big game. We'll have NFL analysts, writers and many other special guests throughout the week. Send your questions and. Join Now. Key terms - Valid for new UK customers who registered from 20/08/ Qualifying stake must be on Horse Racing, Premier League, Championship or Champions League home or away selections. Visit SportsNation to get sports trivia, take polls, participate in chats and more on ESPN. Welcome to The Show! On Monday afternoon, Matthew Berry - The Talented Mr. Roto - will drop by to take your questions and analyze all the latest football news from a fantasy perspective. Berry is. Live Chat. Live chat is available from 10am until 10pm, 7 days a week. Average Response Time: 1 minutes. Chat with us. Ungefähr zu Pegasus Hercules Zeit rannten Mitarbeiter mit Maschinengewehren durch den Laden, die sich gegenseitig angriffen. Andererseits würden die 76ers wohl ihre vernünftige Zukunft damit weggeben. Thank God for the Concert Footage!

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